Purchasing VCOM

VCOM pricing is based on the number of concurrent users/devices connected (called ports). Ex: 10 Users + 10 Dante Connections + 10 SIP Connections = 30 Ports. For pricing or to test VCOM before purchasing please contact our sales team.

Hosting Options

Customers can choose to host their own server or we can host the server for you. If you would like us to host the server view the VCOM Cloud offering on our products page. We also sell preconfigured servers on our products page. Alternatively, To configure your own sever follow the instructions below.

Installing VCOM Virtual Matrix

Installing VCOM Virtual Matrix only takes a few minutes. Download VCOM Virtual Matrix from our downloads page and run the installer. Follow the prompts to finish the installation. Additional information such as firewall requirements is available in our documentation.

Minimum System Requirements

CPU: Dual-core
RAM: 8Gb

Storage: 1Gb available storage

OS: Windows 11 or Windows Server


To license your VCOM System you need to acquire a valid license file from Intracom. To do so you must provide Intracom with your System Identification Code. The System Identification Code is a unique value specific to the computer on which VCOM was installed.

Installing VCOM WebRTC Control Panel

VCOM WebRTC Control Panel is available as an app on all major platforms. To use the control panel you must have a VCOM Virtual Matrix server set up and an account configured.

Technical Support


Corporate Information

(888) 318-6187

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