VCOM connects people-to-people, people-to-groups, and facilitates conferences independent of device or location

WebRTC Matrix Intercom

VCOM works in the cloud or on-premise with features to support any communications challenge

Supports Point-to-Points, Party-Lines, Fixed Groups, IFBs

Integrate into your web based work flow and access from anywhere

Apps available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux

Seamless IP phone integration enables use as a next generation phone hybrid

VCOM WebRTC Control Panel

Highly Interoperable

Connect VCOM to your existing equipment to create a seamless experience.

  • SIP

    Create a unified experience by connecting to your PBX or phone lines.

  • Dante

    Use Dante to seamlessly bridge the gap between VCOM and existing intercoms.

  • Audio Interfaces

    Tie in your program feeds so users can monitor them and comms in one interface.

  • NDI Audio

    Tie in NDI audio from your program feeds so users can monitor your entire production.

  • RTSP Audio

    Tie in RTSP audio from your program feeds so users can monitor your entire production.

  • HLS Video

    Watch HLS video directly on your Control Panel.

VCOM WebRTC Control Panel on an iPhone
VCOM WebRTC Control Panel on an iPhone

Full-Featured Cloud SaaS Intercom

VCOM can easily be hosted by virtually any cloud provider

No physical server to provision and maintain

Use our multi-channel device interface app to interop with on-premise comms

Users working from home or on location can easily access via WiFi, Cellular, or Satellite

External Input

For a more traditional intercom experience you can use keyboards and Stream Decks to control VCOM. This functionality provides teams the flexibility of software-based intercom while maintaining the ease of use of physical key panels.

VCOM being used with streamdeck

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On

SSO allows organizations to conveniently manage a single set of user credentials across services. Administrators will not have to manage a separate set of credentials for VCOM.


Create custom Control Panels for each user. Define which users/groups can be talked and/or listed to. Create templates to easily set up multiple accounts.

Secure Audio

Our WebRTC Control Panel keeps your organization's comms secure with encryption enabled by default so there is no risk of 3rd parties eavesdropping.

Convenient Hosting



  • Your communications never leave the building

  • Connect to on-premise equipment without opening public firewalls

Cloud (self hosted)


  • Manage your own server with the ease of cloud hosting

  • Choose your own hosting provider

VCOM Cloud


  • Skip the server setup and maintenance process entirely

  • Turnkey SaaS solution means we handle it all


The capabilities of VCOM with intelligent ADAM / ODIN trunking

Seamless communication between VLink soft control panels and RTS hardware key panels

VLink TIF enables seamless integration between phone systems and RTS ADAM / ODIN

Access your RTS matrix system from anywhere in the world

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Available exclusively through RTS Bosch

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