Rackmount Server

Our turnkey hardware server is the ideal choice for customers looking to seamlessly integrate VCOM into their infrastructure.

Effortless Installation

Supports 600+ connections

Preconfigured for your use case

Redundant options available

VCOM rackmount server


Form factor: 19" 1U Short Depth (15.4")

Processor: Intel Core i7-12700T

Storage: 250GB SSD

Memory: 8GB DDR4

LAN: 3-Port Gigabit LAN

Power Draw: 298W under load

OS: Windows 11 Pro

Preinstalled Software

VCOM Virtual Matrix: VCOM server functionality

VCOM Device Interface: Used for connecting external audio sources

Dante Virtual Soundcard: Used for connecting to Dante

Technical Support


Corporate Information

(888) 318-6187

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