A single SIP connection point for use with VCOM for fast and easy deployment

Rapid Deployment

The SIP2A is a single connection SIP device that provides a 4-wire audio connection to hardware intercoms and 2-way radios for use with VCOM.

The device has minimum requirements for connectivity and configuration allowing for rapid deployment. The SIP2A is produced by Westinghouse specifically for VCOM.

VCOM rackmount server
VCOM rackmount server


Effortlessly connect your existing intercom or radio hardware to VCOM. The SIP2A makes it easy to bridge the gap between your hardware intercom and VCOM.


Power: IEEE PoE 802.3AF 15.4W

Connectivity: 1x RJ-45 (network), 1x RJ-45 (audio)

Breakout cable for 2-way radios purchased separately

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